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At CAI Learning Academy, our students receive a high-quality, holistic education rooted in the belief that a strong mind, a strong body, and strong values will lead them down a path of academic success.

By beginning their educational career in a full-day kindergarten program our students will develop a strong foundation of literacy and math skills. Adaptive software programs, such as Imagination Station Reading Program, and mobile devices will be utilized in a blended learning model to increase student engagement and stimulate learning. The use of technology will create individualized learning paths that allow each student to work at their own pace. When not using technology to enhance their learning, our students will work in small groups where they will receive more personalized instruction that meets their current academic needs.


Our students are immersed in a blended learning environment. Blended learning is an instructional model that delivers customized learning experiences through a combination of small group instruction and online learning. Students rotate through various stations where they receive targeted instruction in language arts, math, and science. For example, during language arts instruction students are broken into three groups - The first group works with the Classroom Teacher, the second group utilizes a laptop or mobile device to access a reading program, such as Imagination Station, and the third group works independently or with an Instructional Aide.


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