Book Fair Jungle

Elephants, Tigers, and Books, OH MY!

BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! Head on over to CAILA for our Scholastic® Book Fair! The Fall book fair is going to be held __ to __. Check out the school's book fair website to see some of the books we will be selling here

Scan the QR Code on this page or click on it and you will be sent to the Book Fair's Facebook Event Page. There, you will see up to date information and announcements about the Book Fair here at CAILA.

Don't forget he Book Fair eWallet. Parents can create eWallets for their students to shop the Fair, and every eWallet created means kids will have the opportunity to choose more books they want to read! All money not spent in the eWallet will be refunded to the parent.  Parents can manage the eWallet between __ and __. Create your eWallet by visiting CAILA's Book Fair homepage.

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