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How do parents support their children in The Leader in Me process?

Schools and districts typically make the decision to implement The Leader in Me; however, parents may choose to engage in the process as well. For example, some parents support their children by helping them set and achieve goals and track them in their Leadership Notebooks, and follow through on their leadership roles assigned by the school. 

FranklinCovey also provides parents with additional information about The Leader in Me, as well as activities parents can utilize at home to help their children become leaders.


What do students learn through The Leader in Me process?

The Leader in Me helps students develop the skills and self-confidence they need to lead their lives and succeed in school and beyond. Specifically, The Leader in Me focuses on students learning the following 21st century skills:

  • Student self-confidence

  • Teamwork

  • Initiative

  • Responsibility

  • Communication

  • Creativity

  • Self-direction

  • Leadership

  • Problem solving

  • Social etiquette

Students learn these skills through participating in goal setting, data tracking, leadership roles, Student-Led Conferences, leadership environments, Leadership Events, and more.



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