How is The Leader in Me implemented in a school?

The Leader in Me is implemented as follows: 

  • School staff identify a new vision of the outcomes they want for their school (e.g., decreasing discipline referrals).

  • School staff learn The Leader in Me principles and tools and begin incorporating the leadership principles in their work and relationships (e.g., learning how to work more cooperatively with each other).

  • School staff model the behaviors to their students.

  • Teachers are taught how to incorporate the leadership principles and tools into school culture and curricula.

  • Key elements of the leadership model are implemented into the school, including:

    • Teaching students how to set, track, and achieve their goals in a Leadership Notebook.

    • Reinventing the physical environment to reinforce the vision and outcomes for the school (banners, signs, murals).

    • Holding Student-Led Conferences, which are similar to parent-teacher conferences, but with the students taking ownership for their learning and leading these conferences.

    • Giving each student a leadership role within the school.

    • Holding student-led Leadership Events.

    • Using a common language of leadership.

  • Parents also play an important role in supporting their children in the process.

  • School staff, students, and parents utilize a number of resources (lesson plans, videos, student activity guides, Teacher Editions, posters, books, and The Leader in Me Online) to help them implement and reinforce the process.



What challenges does The Leader in Me address in schools?

Research suggests that the following issues are common to many schools:

  • Negative school culture and climate

  • Student behavioral issues such as bullying

  • Problems with discipline

  • Low student engagement

  • Low trust and low staff morale

  • Minimal focus on whole-child development

  • Lack of 21st century skills development

  • Teacher and parent dissatisfaction

The Leader in Me directly addresses these challenges and offers a comprehensive approach to solve them.



A comprehensive list of questions and answers can be found here.


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